Workplace Counselling Support

Telephone Counselling

Contemporary Talking Therapies confidential, professional telephone counselling service can help your employees proactively manage stress at work by providing emotional support, advice and practical information without the need to travel to one of our clinics.

We have a dedicated team of counsellors who can offer telephonic counselling services nationwide. Our uniquely flexible telephone counselling services can give your business the type and level of support your employees need.

We work with organisations of all different sizes. All of our solutions are bespoke and designed to meet the needs of each individual organisation.

Face-Face Counselling

Depending on your requirements and contractual agreement, the initial contact with Contemporary Talking Therapies is normally via telephone as issues can often be dealt with quickly and effectively through telephone counselling. However, sometimes a particular individual or their specific situation will require further intervention therefore a referral for face-to-face counselling may be suggested.

Face-to-face counselling is one way of dealing positively with crisis situations and complex issues. Contemporary Talking Therapies has over 15 years experience in workplace wellbeing and occupational health.

Our professionally trained counsellors, psychotherapists and network of professional affiliates will be fully briefed on your organisation and any considerations specific to you. They work flexibly to provide the most appropriate support that is both timely and local to your employees’ needs. In this way Contemporary Talking Therapies can enable your employees to cope with difficult work and personal pressures which may otherwise affect their performance.

Next Step

All of our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual organisation. We can deliver our services at your Company site, at one of our clinics or remotely by telephone. Please contact Contemporary Talking Therapies for further information.