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Workplace Counselling Support

Counselling is a major component of an employee support service provision. There is strong evidence that counselling has a positive impact on organisational health. Evidence supports the idea that workplace counselling helps to reduce the level of psychological distress in staff, improves work functioning and lowers absenteeism.

Critical Incident & Trauma Support

People involved with, or exposed to, traumas can experience a range of emotional responses and react to trauma in different ways. Occasionally a traumatic incident can bring back memories and feelings connected with distressing experiences which may or may not be linked to the current traumatic experience.

Trauma & Stress Awareness Training

The best way to manage the emotional wellbeing of your workforce is to enable them to manage it themselves. Our professional training courses help managers and employees to manage the pressures of work. Preventative training enables organisations to meet their responsibilities and obligations.

GP Counselling Support

If your practice does not have existing counselling services, or if those services are overwhelmed by numbers of patients and waiting lists are long, we can provide follow-on from GP attached counsellor services, i.e. patients can be offered further treatment that is not time-limited or frequency-bound.

Counselling For Individuals & Couples

If you are experiencing concerns or worries and wonder which way to turn, it may help you to talk them through with a therapist in a non-judgemental, compassionate environment. You do not need to be referred by your GP or workplace EAP to access counselling or psychotherapy.

Post Natal Counselling & Support

Having a baby is likely to involve many changes in your life and is usually thought of as a happy time. However, as a new mother you may not necessarily feel this straight away. Emotional turbulence, although quite common following the birth, can for some women lead to a more enduring emotional distress.